Executive Search

To source and appoint the CEO of an ASX 100 company from the heavy capital-intensive/ extractive sector. The role would be in a challenging operational environment, demanding superior and demonstrated skills in the areas of business integration and turnaround. The role included the implementation of significant change programs and stakeholder management expertise to deal with a geographic and culturally diverse environment.
Working with the company’s Chairman and Board, a global search process was conducted to identify not only individuals who had the necessary management and technical skills, but also those who could work in a multi-cultural environment. An additional requirement of the successful candidate was their ability to deal with a two-tiered reporting relationship – directly to the ASX listed BoardSearch and also requiring significant interaction with the majority shareholder based out of Asia.


• Within a six week period, a long list of potential candidates was developed with representation from major corporations in Europe, Africa, Asia and North and South America as well as Australia. At the point all long-listed candidates had been interviewed face to face by Sheldon Harris to ensure they met the leadership, technical and cultural requirements of the role.
• Within a further four weeks, all short -listed candidates were presented for interview to the selected group within the ASX Board which comprised of both NED’s and representatives of the major shareholder.
• A successful appointment was made within a 19-20 week period which included not only negotiation of the final package but also assistance with putting together a unique STI and LTI plan for the CEO. At the time the company had no formal LTI plan in place and as part of the final negotiation Sheldon Harris assisted the company in successfully designing a plan for inclusion in the final offer.
• To facilitate the process, interviews and negotiations were facilitated by a bi-lingual Sheldon Harris’ Partner in English and Mandarin .