Four Pillars Gin | The Fourth Pillar

The right financial leadership has been critical for early-stage companies such as Four Pillars Gin to navigate the economic uncertainty brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Matt Jones, co-founder and Brand Director of Australia’s world-renowned craft gin distillery Four Pillars sat down in the new Four Pillars Laboratory in Sydney’s Surrey Hills to talk to the Sheldon Harris […]

Brand New World: Ten Tips For Online Interviews

Why These Are So Different To Online Work Meetings As search consultants, for some time now, we have been using platforms like Skype and more recently, Zoom, to conduct interviews with candidates in distant locations. While not a new approach – and candidates have been successfully placed without face-to-face meetings using these technologies – it is clear […]


While the world is grappling with the social and economic consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many businesses are exploring new and innovative ways of doing work while leveraging inherent strengths to not only survive but also thrive post the virus. Key to their future success will be the ability to retain existing talent and also […]

Rethinking The Strategic Manufacturing Capability Of Australia

Since the 1990’s, we have seen the significant withdrawal of Australia’s capabilities from the manufacturing scene, chasing costs down as margins were squeezed and international competition intensified. The current crisis, and the shortages we have seen and been unable to directly address, may be leading some to now question the strategic logic in certain areas. […]

Rethinking The Business Model Post Covid-19

The current Covid-19 crisis in which we find ourselves, along with the rest of our global community, has challenged us in ways we probably could not have imagined even a few short weeks ago – empty CBD’s, huge demand and challenges in internet and mobile network nodes in the suburbs as we come to grips […]

13 Step Approach: Choosing An Executive Search Partner For The First Time

The Executive Search industry is highly fragmented providing a broad range of potential options for organisations that are needing to address critical positions, but how do you navigate these murky waters to find the right Firm who can deliver the best outcome for your needs? If you have never engaged Executive Search firms, or Headhunters as they […]