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Executive Leadership

ceo succession & succession management

The executive bench strength of organisations is consistently tested. While many organisations have succession planning processes in place, the robustness and agility of those frameworks does not always stand up when tested. We find many executives do not have a clear understanding of the emerging capability within their organisation, the potential retention risks, or the associated development needs of senior leaders. To be able to compete effectively, organisations need to have a dynamic, interactive and ongoing perspective of existing and emerging capability across their enterprise. At Sheldon Harris we partner with our clients and provide ongoing leadership and talent advisory to ensure that succession plans, and processes, are kept alive and relevant.

talent assessment & Development

Whether it be for an existing team, the arrival of a new leader, or post-merger acquisition, having the right people in the right roles, along with a culturally aligned team is crucial. Having a clear view of succession, individual development needs and future talent needs are mandatory tools in a CEO’s arsenal. Working with the Board and Executive, we seek to understand the organisation’s aspirations and benchmark the level of understanding and capability within the organisation to identify key gaps and develop a structural roadmap to ensure future business success. Sheldon Harris has extensive experience conducting individual and team leadership assessments.

Board Services

board reviews

Our consultants have worked closely with both listed and unlisted Boards to build an understanding of Board cohesiveness and performance, and to facilitate and develop a more constructive working dynamic around the Boardroom table. We tailor the approach to match the specific needs of each Board. While executives have long been accustomed to performance reviews, this is a relatively recent experience for many Directors and consequently requires a bespoke and sensitive approach that reflects the maturity and skillset of the Board.

board skills audit

The solid platform for any Board to effectively govern is the skills, capabilities and experience of the individual Directors, and whether these are aligned to the organisation’s strategic goals. Our consultants work with the Board and key stakeholders to understand the organisations business strategy and key areas of risk, to develop a framework to formally evaluate the mix and composition of current skills. From this analysis critical gaps will be identified which can then be fed into the Board’s succession plans to provide greater clarity around the profile of future Directors.


Psychometric Assessments

A deeper understanding of key leaders through psychometric insights has tremendous potential to add value to a business. Such insights enable better anticipation of challenges and provide an opportunity to support executives in understanding their own leadership style, through stressful periods, provide more effective feedback and tailored development support. On team at Sheldon Harris is an accredited Hogan assessor who can help you with client-focussed, evidence-based solutions to select the right people, develop talent, build better leaders and enhance organisational performance. These assessments who can help you better understand core strengths, the values, motives, preferences and potential derailers of key leaders, current and future, whether as a stand-alone exercise, part of a development plan or through the search evaluation process.

Integration and Onboarding

Ensuring a newly appointed executive is successful doesn’t end with the negotiation of a contract. With a substantial investment of time and money to bring a new executive into an organisation, effectively onboarding them is critical. Sheldon Harris conducts 360-degree integration reviews (typically 10-12 weeks after commencement) as well as onboarding support, and can tailor approach to the circumstances, collaborating with existing internal efforts or working independently.

Remuneration Reviews

An executive search led remuneration review offers you a targeted perspective on the remuneration challenges of retaining key leadership talent. Whether for an individual role (e.g. CEO) or for entire leadership teams, we support CEOs and Boards in providing market insights, like-candidate comparisons with similar capability sets and potential, and associated recommendations.

Managing The Risks And Optimising The Outcome Of A Global Search

Global searches executed with global teams, often with multiple consultants in multiple locations, come with opportunities and risks, both of which need to be managed as part of the search process to deliver the best possible outcome. With significant experience in global search, when we partner with our international colleagues, we proactively manage these risks and opportunities, to ensure Sheldon Harris gets the best possible result for you.

Critical Points of Interaction with your Global Search Team

Assemble Strong Global Team

Our global colleagues are veterans of the search industry - former experienced Partners in leading global search firms…

All have deep industry experience and in global search engagements…

They work with us as equal partners in the search, making your engagement a priority for them…

Identify Candidates/ Develop Longlist

We collaborate as we execute to ensure we are comparing ‘apples with apples’ and have the same level of rigour in candidate assessment…

We share where we have looked with you, but our Longlist is qualified – all presented candidates have been approached, interest confirmed, including openness on location…

Client Interviews, Debriefing & Decision

The lead Sheldon Harris Engagement Partner is available to join you in the interviews and will meet you for timely debriefings. By having one consultant, your key search partner, who knows the market and all candidates, and has seen them in their first interviews with you (if you wish), we are well placed to act as true advisors to you in this important decision.

Brief Search Team/Prepare external PD

We work in small teams, where the consultants you meet are the only people sourcing and evaluating candidates for you in the market. We therefore bring our colleagues to meet you to be part of key briefing conversations to ensure they are fully aligned in what we are seeking…

Assess, Compare, Share Reports

By comparing candidates on agreed critical experiences and capabilities (briefing), we share candidate analyses and an overview with you which are consistent and comparable, enabling you to form views and rank candidates related to critical selection criteria.

The lead Sheldon Harris Engagement Partner interviews ALL shortlisted candidates in person, giving you a discussion partner who knows the market and all candidates being considered.

Support Closing

With personal contact to all candidates, the lead Sheldon Harris Partner will work with our global team to manage the last part of the process - referencing (for due diligence and insights for integration), as well as negotiation.

Central to the Sheldon Harris approach to search is that the consultants you meet are also the only ones who will be managing this important appointment process for you. 

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