Chief performance officers: the new realm for CFOs

Once upon a time chief financial officers were thought of as the company bean counters, the people who kept a close eye on the purse strings and financial management of an organisation. Executive search expert Sheldon Harris Consulting co-founder John Sheldon says that role has evolved across the past decade […]

Building a Strong Board: Lessons from the AFL

The transcript of a recent speech by Founding Partner Andrew Harris at the Superannuation Trustees Fund Governance Symposium on 22nd Oct 2013. The parallels between success on the professional sporting field and corporate life are often cited. I think the lessons learned from the sporting arena are very interesting and […]

Social Media and Business 101

While it often doesn’t sit comfortably with many traditional business executives, social media is here to stay. It will continue to evolve apace and is a movement that now touches almost everyone’s lives. So what actually is social media? There are probably more definitions out there, than social media platforms, […]

Balanced Boards

Much has been written of late on the need to have diversity on our listed company Boards, with one of the key focus areas being that of female representation and whether quotas are the best way to go. There are pros and cons for each particular approach but whatever the […]