Disruptive Technology Company

Disruptive TechnologyBrief
To help the company better understand how to commercialise its opportunity in the Analytics 3 space and how to position its offering to business, rather than technology executives. As part of this process we also looked to introduce a capital partner who shared the company’s vison and values and was willing to back a predominantly start up business in a relatively new market space.

Working closely with the business founders our consultants:

  • Reviewed all of their marketing and presentation collateral to make it more focussed on business rather than technology outcomes;
  • Provided introductions to a number of our listed and unlisted clients whom we believed would gain competitive advantage from use of the technology on offer;
  • Partnered with the company in the initial assignments to ensure that the business benefits were fully realised within the client and the offering continued to be refined; and
  • Provided initial commentary on key personnel within the business and their ability to grow and adapt to the new paradigm; and


  • Creation of a focussed and differentiated “go to market” strategy for the company.
  • Working directly with the founders of the business to accessed senior executives in key targetted industries where they had been unable to do so previously.
  • Assisted the company in the establishment of its initial engagement pipeline which is now tracking at a 400+ % growth profit for the next two years.
  • Brought the company into partnership with a strategic capital partner and assisted in the negotiations and establishment of the financial relationship.